Alternative Therapies

Hello! My name is Marianne Ferguson (CLH, EEM-AP) I’m an Eden Energy Medicine Advanced Practitioner, EEM teacher and Clinical Herbalist here in Kamloops.
With over 20 years in the healing arts, I have dedicated much of my life to exploring healing and wellness, empowering others to improve their overall health and well-being. Healing is a personal journey that I will walk with you.
When your energies are healthy and balanced, you feel stronger, happier, and better able to handle whatever is happening in your life. Your balanced energies support your body in its healing process.
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Marianne Ferguson
Energy Medicine Practitioner

I have been in the holistic field of nutrition for over 24 years.  I am passionate about my work in assisting my clients to achieve a better quality of life through optimal nutrition and lifestyle enhancements. 

I have been part of many multi-disciplinary wellness teams and clinics, specializing in pain management, hormone balancing, digestive care, auto-immune disease and alternative cancer therapies.  As an educator, I have taught nutrition at Sprott Shaw College and led workshops teaching and inspiring others towards healthy lifestyle changes.  

As a mother to a terminally ill son with brain cancer, I provided holistic, alternative nutritional support and non conventional therapies seeing him through 15 years post prognosis of only 3-6 months to live. I believe compassion, personalized care, community support and mind, body, spirit balance is key to thriving in surviving any illness or life situation. 

Certified Nutritionist
Advanced PSYCH-K® Facilitator
Clinical Hypnotherapist
Wild Roots Clinic 
614 Battle Street​​

Melanie Pouliot
Certified Nutritionist​

My name is Imogen Wood. I am the co-owner of Kamloops Osteopathy and I work as an osteopathic practitioner treating chronic and acute injuries.

Many of my patients are post cancer diagnosis. When you are diagnosed with cancer it can stop you from entering social gatherings, doing sports or even trusting your own body to just walk down the street. I consider it my job to help return my patients back to balance: restore muscle strength, flexibility and confidence in ones’ own body to help them back to the activities they love to do.

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Imogen Wood

My name is Paul Roberts. I am the co-owner of Kamloops Osteopathy and I work as an osteopathic practitioner treating chronic and acute injuries.

I am also a personal trainer and crossfit coach. Once my cancer patients’ are given the consent from their physician to exercise again, I can combine gentle osteopathic treatments with fun hourly personal training sessions to rebuild strength, flexibility and mobility.

Any exercise can be adapted to suit the client, so you never need to feel like there is something you cannot do.

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Paul Roberts
Osteopathic Practitioner

I am a dedicated educator Certified in MELT Method Hand and Foot and Roller Length and Strength.

As an educator, it is critical to me that you understand the why, what and how of MELT so you can take care of yourself. MELTing is not an exercise.  

I teach MELT because of the difference MELTing has made to my  and others' ability to sleep better, have more joint mobility, no pain, and better balance.  I'm excited for you to learn to MELT and reap the benefits.

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Emma Bourassa
Certified in MELT Method

After a lifetime of struggling with my own health issues I am determined to bring my knowledge to other women. I have a bold new approach to women’s health and weight management. My passion lies in helping women take control of their health through nutrition, personal growth, stress management and hormonal health.

I am the founder of the On Track meal planning and group coaching program. On Track delivers easy, highly nutritious meal plans every week to your inbox. You will receive access to certified  nutrition coaches and private support group. Each meal plan is geared towards helping women recover from chronic health issues and weight gain. 

I can be reached through

Karen Martel
Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach