Regulated Therapies

I am a Physiotherapist and certified lymphatic therapist and am involved with ongoing education regarding exercise with cancer (PiNC and STEEL exercise programs). 

As one of the founders of the "KCC", I am dedicated to help those with cancer live in our community with the best supports possible.

I have been helping people live well with cancer for the last decade.  As a physiotherapist, I help people to live their best life post cancer diagnosis.
With one on one focused hands on therapy, I guide you to release your tight tissue, suggest exercises for strengthening and greater ease of movement that when combined help you return to what you love doing.  

I can be reached at:

Andrea Edwards

Certified through Dr Vodder Schools International in Lymphedema Management since 2009, I have an Advanced Practice in treating lymphedema and lymphatic health.

I like to stay up-to-date with  current research and studies by attending conferences and continually upgrading my education. Sharing this knowledge with my community stands as a priority within my practice.

As a founder of the "KCC", I am passionate about helping those living with cancer thrive in our community. I believe in teamwork and take pride in my work. I believe in working together with you and your healthcare team to meet your healthcare goals.

I can be reached at:

Colette Swain
Registered Massage Therapist

I am a registered acupuncturist with the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Association of BC.

The practice of Chinese medicine can help people manage the anxiety and overwhelm of being diagnosed with cancer, to reduce some of the uncomfortable side effects from chemotherapy and radiation treatments, as well as regain their health following treatments including surgery.  

I can be reached at:

Shawna Wafler
Registered Acupuncturist

I am a registered Doctor of Chinese medicine and acupuncture with the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Association of BC.

At Wild Roots we have a special interest in helping to restore the physiological and emotional health for those living with or recovering from a cancer diagnosis.

A core philosophy at Wild Roots is that health is a state of
physiological, emotional, and social wellness, not merely the absence of disease.

I can be reached at:

Andrea Hansen 
Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine