We are members of the public and concerned professionals. We are your neighbors and your friends. We have joined forces to create a directory of the best Kamloops has to offer people who have cancer.

We understand the most commonly recognized treatments for cancer are chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation. We explored what other aspects of healing and wellness could compliment these.

We found Kamloops currently has support groups, regulated therapies, alternative therapies, exercise programs, and so much more.  Unfortunately, many people moving through recovery are not aware of them. 

Our mission is dedicated to shining light on the best in care, while keeping you comfortable and at home.
Kamloops is a wonderful place. Sun, fun and room to run. We live, play, and work here. It is a great city to raise your children and adventures are never far away. Ancient and natural energy is stored in our mountains and lakes, our twin rivers and hoodoos. It is a great place for physical, emotional, and spiritual well being. It is our home.

A cancer diagnosis can leave one numb. The questions come flooding and fast. Kamloops offers an invaluable team of health care professionals, leading the way in cancer care, ready to answer your questions to the best of their ability.

This website intends to let you know about the many valued health care professionals, groups, activities, and much more that are specifically dedicated to the care of cancer patients before, during, and after treatment. 
  1. Margaret Huff - Kamloops Yoga Therapy
    Margaret Huff - Kamloops Yoga Therapy
    My name is Margaret Huff, and I am a yoga therapist, certified by the American Viniyoga Institute. I have also completed "Yoga for Cancer Survivor" training with Susi Hately. My approach to health, healing and wellness, from a yogic perspective, is to look at the multi-dimensionality of human being-ness ~ body, nervous system, mind, emotions and spirit ~ and co-create complementary practices that are selected from the diverse tools of yoga for addressing an individual's main area/s of concern. These may include specific relaxation, breathing, movement and meditation techniques geared for an individual's particular needs. I can be reached at 250-374-2748 or email: [email protected]
  2. Emma Bourassa - Certified in MELT Method
    Emma Bourassa - Certified in MELT Method
    I am a dedicated educator Certified in MELT Method Hand and Foot and Roller Length and Strength. As an educator, it is critical to me that you understand the why, what and how of MELT so you can take care of yourself. MELTing is not an exercise. I teach MELT because of the difference MELTing has made to my and others' ability to sleep better, have more joint mobility, no pain, and better balance. I'm excited for you to learn to MELT and reap the benefits. I can be reached through www.meltmethodkamloops.com